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According to the CDC, the flu vaccine this year seems to be a good match. There are 4 strains which match the quadrivalent flu vaccine this year. This vaccine is indicated for all patients 6 months and older. A high dose vaccine is indicated for patients 65 years and older.

The Flu Mist nasal spray vaccine is not recommended this year by the CDC due to a poor immune response and will not be available in our office.

We are offering Flublok Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine this year. This vaccine is proven to prevent more cases of influenza in adults ages 50+ containing 3 times the standard dose of quadrivalent influenza vaccine. The vaccine is also cell based and does not use chicken eggs in its manufacturing process perfect for patients with egg allergies.


Shingrix is Glaxo-Smith Kline's new recombinant zoster (shingles) vaccine indicated for all adults 50 years and older. It is more effective than the earlier Zostavax vaccine. Patients previously receiving Zostavax should receive the new two dose series of Shingrix given 2-6 months apart. Dependent on your insurance, you may receive this vaccine in our office or your local pharmacy.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C, a virus transmitted through bodily fluids, may remain dormant in your system for decades and is harmful to your liver. Insurances will cover a one-time screening for patients born between the years of 1945 and 1964. Please speak with your provider regarding this valuable blood test screening.


The Meningitis Vaccine covers serogroup A, C, W & Y. This vaccine is given ages 11-12 with a booster dose at age 16-18 years of age. This booster dose is now mandatory prior to your child's first day of 12th grade.

The newly approved Meningitis B Vaccine covers serogroup B meningitis which although uncommon, may lead to death within 24 hours. It is an important vaccine for adolescents and young adults, ages 10-25 years of age. Higher risk patients include those who will be living in a close community setting such as college or the military, patient without a spleen, sickle cell anemia or who have an immune deficiency condition. The Meningitis B Vaccine is given in a 2 or 3 dose vaccine series.

Human Papiloma Virus (HPV)

Gardasil 9 is the new generation HPV (Human Papiloma Virus) vaccine. This vaccine is indicated in all patients 9-26 years of age. This 2 dose vaccine is recommended at ages 9 through 14 years of ages to prevent HPV and several types of HPV related cancer in men and women. A 3 dose vaccine series is recommended at ages 15-26 years of age. Please speak with your healthcare provider about this very important vaccine.

*Information found for the website was obtained from the CDC and American Academy of Dermatology

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